Vacher Group


Founded in 1966 by Marcel Vacher in a workshop in the centre of Saint-Etienne, our group is now ranked second European die-maker. It comprises eight production sites and a studies department located in France and Europe. All our divisions work in synergy around three complementary areas of expertise:

  • Cutting dies
  • Metal engraving for stamping and embossing tools
  • Moulding tooling and 3D printing

Our determination to provide a comprehensive offer covering all packaging tooling needs but also to diversify our activity to conquer new markets has driven us to integrate within our group companies endowed like us with a sturdy company culture and human capital.

Since 1976 we have progressively joined forces with French and foreign companies, thus enabling to address all requirements in terms of:

  • Cutting dies, standard and dynamic stripping, pertinax and engraved steel sheets, blanking tools
  • Stamping and embossing solutions
  • Moulding tooling used in thermoforming processes, machined parts, Braille

BOBST certification is our unwavering focal point:

  • SP or SPO, flatbed dies for compact or corrugated cardboard, we are proud to have been awarded dual BOBST certification bearing witness to the quality of our tooling
  • The quest for improved productivity also encompasses high performance cutting, stripping and blanking tooling. When requested by our customers, we are able to produce HPT (High Performance Tool) that stringently comply with ABC Bobst criteria specific to this type of manufacturing


We see ourselves as “industrial craftspeople” because although we are wholeheartedly involved in the 4.0 industrial transition, “human” capital remains the most important part of the creation of value, with each of our projects.

Groupe Vacher has established partnerships with some of the biggest names in the packaging, luxury, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries both in France and abroad. We also work closely with companies in the automotive, medical and aviation sectors for instance.

From design carried out in our studies department to manufacturing by our teams of experts, each project is thought out, optimised and rendered immediately operational so as to optimise your own production chain.

... and know-how

With to our unique know-how, we guarantee quality tools thanks to research into innovative, agile, precise and audacious solutions, regardless of your area of expertise.  


Together, we dare to be audacious via innovation.

Together, we ground our productivity on human capital that is forever our focal point.

Together, we ascertain high-quality products and irreproachable customer service

Together, we aim for excellence to ensure all the core values of our DNA resonate within us and our customers: EXPERTISE IN ALL ITS FORMS

Our values
technology, expertise

Our forward-looking group is involved in the latest technological developments, participates in think tanks on the challenges of tomorrow, and innovates thanks to its integrated design offices

commitment, evolution

Our group aims to perpetuate its corporate culture

kindness, proximity

Since the beginning, our group has been structured around strong family values

Our story

The year it all began

Vacher Marcel founded in Saint-Etienne

The first Lyon-based production

Expansion of the parent company with the opening of the first Lyon-based production facility, to specialise in flatbed diemaking


Takeover of the family business by Frédéric Vacher

New rotary diemaking

Branching out into rotary diemaking and relocation to Saint-Just- Saint-Rambert. Production area tripled from 700m² to 2,200m².

Acquisition of Dubouchet

Acquisition of thermoforming mould specialist Dubouchet, a company founded at the beginning of 1980s which became Heratec in 2016

Acquisition of SGM

Acquisition of packaging artwork specialist SGM, a family business founded in 1983

Acquisition of Die Vision

Acquisition of Die Vision, compact and corrugated cardboard diemaking specialist, originally founded in 1948. Spread over 4 sites: 3 in the Netherlands and 1 in Poland. Aprisys, located in Belgium and part of the same group, brought an additional manufacturing facility to the table enabling the Vacher Group to widen its European reach.


L’entreprise Vacher Marcel devient le 2e formiste au monde et l'unique en France certifié par Bobst en carton compact (Formes SP).

The group's companies
Vacher Marcel

Vacher Marcel specialises in designing and manufacturing tools for processing and finishing cardboard, including die boards, stripping tools and blanking tools.


Its profound knowledge of all sheet metal* processing technologies and in-house design office, concentrating on the technical aspect of tool design, has fast-tracked the company into new markets such as the automotive and aviation sectors.


Be it compact cardboard, corrugated cardboard, thick grey board, adhesive cardboard, propylene board or fabrics, AFDI is able to offer tailored, functional tools to maximise the performance of its customers’ machines.


SGM manufactures hot stamping and embossing pattern plate components for labels, gift boxes and folding cases used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, perfume, leather goods and wine & spirits industries.


Recognised for its savoir-faire, Aprisys is able to meet even the most specific diemaking, standard and dynamic stripping, pertinax and etched steel counterplates and blanking requirements.

DieVision Poland

This manufacturing plant specialises in diemaking plates for folding and corrugated cardboard packaging and automobile and electronic parts manufacturers.

DieVision Netherlands

DieVision specialises in diemaking tools for compact and corrugated cardboard, supplying both flatbed and rotary dies.

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