Stamping and embossing

SGM is renowned for its expertise in the manufacturing of punches as well as hotfoil stamping & embossing dies.

Flatbed stamping (die, stamping tooling) consists in transferring a metallic foil or hologram to paper using heat and pressure. The 3D dies required for printing are shaped chemically, mechanically or by hand in some cases. To optimise your flatbed stamping, SGM uses Copperdie and Copperjet die-making processes: our quality charter stipulates numerous quality standards and inspections, such as individual visual inspections or manual finish.

Deep embossing (embossing die) combines hotfoil stamping with embossing. When the entire stamped part is also embossed, only one brass die is required, embossing being carried out first, before clipping precisely around the contour. This enables to stamp and emboss in a single process by using a hotfoil stamper and embossing counterpart. These tools are produced numerically and then finished by hand.


Stamping is a shape obtained by deforming paper provoked by pressure exerted by a machine between the “etched” female part and the “counterpart” male die. In the case of simple stamping, etching is achieved by removing metal either via chemical or mechanical processes.

In the case of more complex stamping, etching can only be performed by hand. This is where the skills of the engraver prove vital. When duplication is required, composite resin tools are made using a mould and counter-mould process based on a mother engraving.


Our metal engraving company SGM is specialised in the manufacturing of punches for packaging graphic art.

Our expertise is the processing of materials used for packaging, whether it be paper, cardboard or plastic.

We manufacture hot stamping and embossing dies for the production of labels as well as folding boxes and cases used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, perfumery, leather goods, and wines & spirits industries for instance.

The quality of our products as well as our unique know-how and expertise have enabled us to establish partnerships with the largest corporations on the market.


Engravers perpetuate the traditions inherent to their craft via their work and philosophy. Their task is to materialise the work of the creator.

They seek for synthesis between the imagination and the feasible by instilling life into the creator’s projects in a moment that verges on the magical, with a few lines blending two mindsets.

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Mixed pattern plates for adhesive labels

Designing a milled hot stamping press with copper chemical engraving insert

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Special counter plate for flat stamping

Designing a counter plate to facilitate application and improve the stamping stretch on the case

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Screw setting for quick stamping tool positioning

Rather than positioning each stamping tool individually, screw setting allows for quicker positioning

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