ACCUBRAILLE: Braille marking system mounted on folder-gluer]

Needle: a term designating part of the top of a fold-down case/box

Telescopic needle: device fixed under the lower stripping tool enabling to catch waste

Angle lock ® : Blanking system




Braille quick mark, Male Braille, system developed by Groupe Vacher for efficient male-female part pairing

Full height aluminium female Braille (approx. 22mm

Female Braille on aluminium plate 3.5 mm thick

Aluminium block: enabling precise fixation of embossing tooling

BST : Standard male Braille



C IMP: these 4 letters indicate the printing side – if they are legible then they show the reading direction

Tracing material: transparent tear-resistant material on which we produce the template sheet

Channel®: creasing counterpart brand

Cito® : creasing counterpart brand

Classicut ® : Classicut: multipurpose basic cutting die

Clinquant : hardened steel sheet for tooling with piling

Embossing counterpart: embossing is permanent deformation of cardboard using predefined patterns. The counterpart pushes the cardboard into the embossing tool (die) and produces a permanent shape.

Pertinax counterpart: creasing counterpart that forces the cardboard into a canal



Double bevel or OMD: dual sharpened cutting blade for optimum penetration into the material being cut, used for thick material



Stripping: tools comprising two parts (lower and upper) enabling to eject waste

Dynamic stripping: system that does not require the use of telescopic needles

Embossing: marking and outward indenting of cardboard

Cutting insert: small metallic part inserted in cutting dies enabling to cut small diameter round holes

Cutting insert – ‘Cuvette’: type of specific cutting insert profile

Cutting insert – rear ejection: enables to cut and eject a small round section via the rear of the tool

Cutting insert – side ejection: enables to cut and eject a small round section via the side of the too

Cutting insert – OM: round cutting rule made in one single piece

Cutting insert – Spring mounted: cutting insert equipped with a brass cylinder mounted on a spring enabling to eject the waste

Stamping: inward indentation of the cardboard as opposed to embossing which is outward indentation



Template sheet: precise representation of the shape to be cut

‘Fer de lance’: expression used to refer to a part located between the top and the flaps of a fold-down box/case

Blade : a die’s cutting blade or creasing rule

Flat top: usually used with upper stripping tools and upper blanking tools and help maintain the sheet flat

Cutting die: tool enabling to cut soft materials

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