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Our expertises

Vacher group

Precision in all its forms

From father to son

From Vacher Marcel to the Vacher Group, our expertise, entrepreneurial and family spirit and our ability to innovate and manufacture quality tools has stayed with us for more than 50 years.

Our in-depth knowledge of specialist technical trades currently enables us to work closely with our customers so that we can provide them with a comprehensive package tailored to their needs.

The complementary nature of our trades, both in France and abroad, and the fact that they are often interlinked, enables us to offer all the tools for the very best performance.

For 50 years

We are experts in die cutting tools, die cutting, embossing and thermoforming and our group offers comprehensive, custom solutions so that you can maximise the performance of your own tools.

Innovation, guidance & training

In addition to our expertise in these different areas, the guiding principles to who we are, are innovation, guidance and training, which we apply to all of our processes.

The power of the group

Our wide-reaching, powerful group boasts teams of multi-skilled, industry professionals who use their recognised expertise to guarantee a customised approach to managing your project.

Discover our know how
by area of expertise


The Vacher Group supplies tailor-made precision die making tools for compact and corrugated cardboard and all types of packaging.


Thermoforming tools

HERATEC offers a range of start-to-finish services, from technical tooling solution design to fabrication. This includes tooling components, moulds and finished parts for all packaging, plastics, composite and sheet metal sectors.


Stamping and embossing tools

A packaging artwork specialist, SGM is known for its expertise in manufacturing punchcutters, hot stamping and embossing pattern plate components.


3D printing

In addition to thermoforming, 3D printing offers an alternative to dies that cannot be machine-cut. This technique enables us to create high-quality lightweight, easy to handle, ergonomic and functional items.


Consulting and Training

Our ″consultancy and training″ expertise is present throughout the Vacher Group thanks to the recognised in-depth knowledge of its teams who are able to provide a start-to-finish service.


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